JavaScript Developer

Lalitpur, Nepal

Job Description:

  1. Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use.

  2. Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers.

  3. Engaging with the development team to discuss user interface ideas and applications.

  4. Analyzing application requirements and interface designs.

  5. Identifying web-based user interactions.

  6. Developing and implementing highly-responsive user interface components using React concepts.

  7. Maintaining legacy code written by other developers, including bug fixes

  8. Integrating external software libraries and APIs into existing projects

  9. Monitoring and enhancing performance.

Job Specification:

  1.  Strong knowledge and hands-on experience of minimum 2 years

  2. Javascript (ES6), its quirks, and workaround

  3. Strong understanding of OOP

  4. Functional programming

  5. Create a flexbox-driven UI layout

  6. Knowledge of Git (including merging, branching, and resolving merge conflicts)

  7. Knowledge of all aspects of React along with hooks is a bonus.

  8. Components, containers, JSX specification of component UI layout, Component lifecycle.

  9. Knowledge of build tools like Webpack

  10. Knowledge of Relational and Non-Relational Database

  11. Knowledge of working with monorepos is an added advantage

  12. Knowledge of GraphQL would be an advantage

Here’s what we provide:

  1. Attractive Salary Package
  2. Social Security Fund from the day of joining
  3. Performance Bonus with timely review
  4. Yearly Festive and Company Bonus
  5. Awesome company culture & great career development opportunities
  6. A working environment that values continuous learning and development Work From Home during COVID, with essential equipment
  7. Medical and Accidental Insurance
  8. Banking partner for a loan facility